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'CD WOW!' has changed its name to 'WOW HD'

We're very excited to announce that CD WOW! has changed its name to WOW HD!

We have decided that we need a name that reflects our passion for bringing you MORE entertainment across a range of formats. WOW HD represents: MORE music, MORE Games, MORE entertainment, MORE value, MORE interaction and MORE news!

All outstanding orders from CD WOW! will be fulfilled by WOW HD and all members of CD WOW! are automatically members of WOW HD. You can login with the same information as before. If you have any outstanding CD WOW! vouchers, you can now redeem them at WOW HD.

You can now visit us directly, by visiting any of our 14 WOW HD domains:

You can also visit us on Facebook and Twitter.
We will also be redirecting all CD WOW! URLs to the new WOW HD addresses.