Élan Media Partners

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    Élan Media Partners has an outstanding stable of online brands in wowhd.com, ezydvd.com, ezyflix.com.au, chaos.com and play4me.com.au.

    The prospects for entertainment through online and retail channels are significant in Australia and globally. Élan is strongly positioned to seize opportunities in marketing, selling and distributing entertainment including films, TV on DVD, music and games.

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    Our All Access division proudly supplies Australian Public Libraries, Schools and Universities with quality Audio Visual titles.

    We provide access to the entire Australian music and film catalogue and cater for the specialised requirements of libraries with our carefully tailored services.

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    Élan Export specialises in Australian, Japanese, Asian and New Zealand catalogues across all genres and all formats. Élan Export sells to wholesalers, distributors, traditional and non-traditional music retailers, e-tailers and mail order companies.

    With worldwide distribution deals in place for local Australian labels as well as many international labels we can help differentiate your service in the large entertainment marketplace.

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    Élan's facilities, technologies and processes support superior distribution management.

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    Élan Media Partners delivers strong innovation through leading edge technology in the online space.

    Advanced web platforms deliver superior functionality and user experience ensuring customers have a broad and intuitive search method, making titles easy and quick to find...

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    Élan Insurance Replacements has been fulfilling insurance claims since 2002. We have settled more than 40,000 claims and possess the systems and experience to continually deliver an efficient service to policyholders.

    We principally operate from our distribution facility in Abbotsford Melbourne, providing claim settlement services to all states and territories. We have developed the systems and efficiencies to ensure policyholder satisfaction - no matter where the customer may live.

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Élan Media Partners Pty Ltd owns and operates online consumer retail sites such as ezydvd.com.au, ezyflix.com.auchaos.com, play4me.com.au and the globally successful wowhd.com, and provides online and fulfilment services to some of Australia's leading entertainment retailers. Élan also delivers label management and related marketing and distribution services to the music industry. The company has warehousing operations in Melbourne (Australia) and Hong Kong and a well-established network of joint venture supply chain partners across Asia, the Americas and Europe.