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For a number of years Élan Export has played a key role in promoting the Australian & Asian music catalogue to rest of the world as it contains some of the most sought after unique and exclusives releases. From this, Élan Export has built its reputation and cemented itself as Australia's premier exporter of CD, DVD, Games and entertainment merchandise around the globe. Élan Export sells to wholesalers, distributors, traditional and non-traditional music and movie retailers, e-tailers and mail order companies.

With an extensive international network of partners, Élan Export has also established itself as a leader in brokering licensing and distribution deals in many of the Asia-Pacific territories.

Élan Export is a market leader in its industry and prides itself on:

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Phone: +613 9412 3522
Fax: +613 9495 6680

Email: international@elanmediapartners.com

Export Sales Executive: Emma Couch